How It works


All CDR contractors are subjected to a rigorous application and approval process. Capabilities, past performance and financial stability are included in this vetting process. Members pledge 100% of their resources and equipment to the Coalition. This ensures that in the time of greatest need, our clientele has the required resources.


Contractors which make the cut all adhere to the same standards regarding response times, capabilities, mitigation strategies, recovery processes, process validation, project controls, safety, pricing, and HR. This simply means we are all on the same page before, during, and after a major incident. For you this means no surprises. You know what to expect BEFORE and AFTER the next incident.


So when you agree to work with a CDR approved contractor, you become our Priority Partner. For you this means that in the event of a catastrophe, you have first right of refusal to all the CDR’s combined resources.


Please contact CDR at 866-303-3461 to locate the CDR approved contractor in your area. 


Coalition Members Include:


Property Mitigation & Stabilization

Heavy Equipment Suppliers


Structural Engineers

Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Air Quality Experts

Structural Drying Equipment Suppliers

Mechanical Contractors

Electrical Contractors

Plumbing Contractors

Safety Training Experts

Environmental Contractors

Materials Suppliers



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Coalition of Disaster Responders

1816 W. 27th Street

Panama City, FL 32405

866-303-3461 emergency line

850-215-2284 fax



Coalition of Disaster Responders



1816 West 27th Street

Panama City, FL 32405

866-303-3461 emergency line

850-215-2284 fax

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